Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Moving here......................

I'm moving everything from Livejournal over here, as Blogger just has more possibilities with links and side bars and all that good stuff................or I'm just too lazy or too stupid to figure out how to get it all over there LOL.............either way, I'm moving it here so I'm posting my latest posts here so anyone else who may want to read anything in the future can follow :o)

Jan. 6th, 2010

First off..............Happy New Year

2010..............twenty ten.................doesn't that sound like something out of a sci-fi movie?  Well, at least it does if you're my age or older ROTFL  Wonder what kind of crazy things will happen this year.

Sorry for not posting til now but with the Bearded Dragon I got for Christmas and having to get him all set up right with housing and lighting and temps and all that good stuff.  Then treating the spinning wheel and then getting sick and not feeling too great for a few days, well..................blogging just kinda sat on the back burner you know.  I have to finish a pair of Glittens that I'm making for my son and then I'll be getting the spinning wheel out again and will probably give you some minor amusement with lots of pictures ;o)  Stay tuned!!!!!

Dec. 27th, 2009

Introducing my Dragon

I still need to go to Lowes to pick up some wood oil or something to treat my wheel, still haven't done that yet.  I know what you're thinking "get off your butt already as we want to see some fiber spun up!!!"  I'm getting there, I promise, don't get your panties in a twist LOLOL

Anyway, Heather (who is my 17 year old daughter, if anyone is wondering) brought home my Christmas present last night.  Isn't he cute?

He/She, have not sexed him yet, needs a name really bad so if you have any ideas, let me know.  Don't be afraid to comment ok?

Here's a couple more pics..........

Ok, better get my butt in gear so I can get my wheel treated :o)

Dec. 26th, 2009

No spinning today

I've had a rough day today and didn't get to go to Lowe's to buy any wood oil to protect my wheel so no spinning today.  I would prefer if my new wheel lasted a long time so better do things right you know?

So anyway, don't want to leave anyone who is actually reading this too disappointed with not seeing any pictures so for your viewing enjoyment you can take a peek at a few of my monsters that I've been knitting :)  I call them ZueBu (pronounced Zoo-Boo) Enjoy and I'll be back soon for more spinning adventures :)

Dec. 25th, 2009

First 'something'

I promised pictures of my first success or shall I say my first here we go.  I didn't spin up a whole lot, just wanted to give it a go and see what I could come up with so there's not much.

are you impressed by my tiny bunch of 'Novelty' yarn???  Well, don't get too impressed yet, lets see a close up shall we?................

Notice the over-twist there in the little square?  Ok, you say "yeah, I see, that's not too bad"  But OH WAIT, look at this shot................

I don't think I need to put a square around a "certain" section here, the whole thing is a twisted up mess LMAO.  Are you laughing with me?  It's ok, you can laugh at me too.  Regardless, I'm laughing.  So my first mess that can't even be deemed novelty yarn..............TaDa  ROTFL

Not sure if I'll spin any today yet but you just never know.  Stay tuned for what I'm sure will be more disasters to come soon...............

The first try

So I embark on the adventure on learning how to spin since my son bought me an Ashford Kiwi for Christmas. My adventure actually started 3 days ago when the box arrived.......delivered by a cute young guy in a beat up blue minivan......"how odd" was my first thought when I looked out the window, but then realized this was a guy from UPS. You're probably wondering why on earth am I looking out the window. Well, I'm a very nosy person........hahaha........ok, that too, but I had to check to see why this crazy little dog was barking like mad out the living room window. I opened the door when I saw him approach so I could step outside to grab the box and avoid any further barking fiasco. I couldn't help myself when I smiled and asked.... "do you guys have so many packages that you have to use your own vehicles now?" He just smiled and said "no, I'm just hired seasonal work".......and that was about the end of the conversation as I smiled and said "thank you"

So I bring in the box and contemplating if I want to open it now or wait til later. Jim is still at work, Heather at a friend's house and I'm a bit intimidated so figure I better finish with the dishes first, so I can give it my full attention.

I finally brave opening the box and almost fainted when I saw that NOTHING has been put together..........what was I thinking??? I thought for sure that SOMETHING had to be pre-assembled you know, something, anything at all......all I had to do was put this here and that there and maybe hook this up here and that up there and that would be it. Oh no, I was soooooooo mistaken. So I get all the parts out of the box and lay them on the floor and this is what I got.........

yes, you see right, a bunch of wrapped pieces of wood, a nosy cat (Minnie) and a nosy Chihuahua (Bella) LOL So this is where I had to take a deep breath. I thought, I can do this, no problem, I've put lots of things together. Then I opened the instruction papers and thought "WHAT THE ****" Lots and lots of pictures, that's what it had, just lots and lots of pictures. No written instructions, heck, not even anything numbered or lettered. NO, just some fricking pictures on paper and you figure out if you have the right part LMAO. Jim came home when I was about 5 minutes into it. I showed him the instructions and he just laughed, turned the other way, and walked out of my craft room...............uh, thanks for helping.....yeah, nothing new there LOL

So I took my time and a few hours later, we had this............

Cute isn't it? Impressed that I could put it together right? Yeah? Me too LMAO

Ok so it sat for a few hours until I finally got enough courage to sit and just treadle a bit and put a leader on and fiddle with it. Now it took me another 30 minutes to figure out that I had the bands in the wrong places............minor thing that was easy to fix. Couldn't sit long though as my back was killing me from sitting on the floor so long when I put it together.

Are you still reading? Hope I haven't bored you half to death yet, I'm almost done but do have to catch up to today LOL Ok, so I've just been rather staring at it, watching it just sit there, not sure if I want to seize the moment and just give it a go. Finally today I decided to watch a few videos on spinning basics. If you haven't watched this one on YouTube, you have go to take a peek, this gal had me cracking up. Go ahead, just watch the first few minutes, then you can come back here, I promise, I'm almost done for today's story. I'll wait...........

Now wasn't that funny???  I did learn something though so that's very cool.  So I played around a bit and ended up with this totally overspun mess as I had to experiment with the bobbin break or whatever it's called (I don't have all the terms down yet so bare with me if you're experienced in this stuff, I'll get there eventually LOL)  I spun up just a little bit of some pink roving and a little bit of some merino and then plied the two together.  It got really late though so will have to take a picture later on and post but it's not enough to really knit anything with.  I didn't want to waste a bunch of roving but it was enough to try it out and I can tell you, I NEED LOTS and LOTS of practice yet.

I may have to wait until I can get to Lowe's on Saturday to get some wood oil or wood wax or whatever I need to protect the wheel before I really go at it.  But stay tuned for further updates on my spinning adventures and mishaps

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