Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I really suck at blogging

I don't know how I could get better at this blogging thing.  I imagine if I had more hours in my day it would be quite simple to come here, figure out what to write, and then just have at it.  But as it is, there's only 24 hours, I'm not that energetic to write every day and quite frankly, I just forget to do so ROTFL.

I did however venture into double knitting 2 days ago as I saw some charts of some really beautiful designs done by Tina13 over on Ravelry I had to learn and it didn't take me too long.  So here's a couple of quick shots of that and I'm back to my knitting :o)  I don't particularly like how the one edge looks and I've tried every stitch combination and I just can't get it to look clean..........I must be missing something somewhere LOL

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